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In the period between June 1st, 2008 through November 30th, 2008 all phase-in substances have to be pre-registered. If manufacturers or importers miss this time period they are not any longer allowed after Dec 1st. 2008 to manufacture or import substances in respectively into the EC. To regain the permission for manufacture or import it is necessary to register the according substances immediately. During the time of registration (approx. 3 – 9 months) manufacturing respectively import has to be suspended.

Cofermin Chemicals via KFT-Chemieservice would like to support you to carry out the pre-registration compliant, that you can act furthermore on the market successfully

As a prerequisite for this service we assume that you have already specified the substance identities according to RIP 3.10, that you have tracked the imported and produced quantities of your substances of the last 3 years and that you have determined also all other information for the pre-registration. If this is not the case and you need support we are offering for this the module “REACh – prepared properly”.

For  the pre-registration the subsequent information will be needed:

  • the name of the substance as specified in Section 2 of Annex VI, including its EINECS and CAS number or, if not available, any other identity codes;
  • his name and address and the name of the contact person and, where appropriate, the name and address of the person representing him in accordance with Article 4 as specified in Section 1 of Annex VI;
  • the envisaged deadline for the registration and the tonnage band;
  • the name(s) of substance(s) as specified in Section 2 of Annex VI, including their EINECS and CAS number or, if not available, any other identity codes, for which the available information is relevant for the application of Sections 1.3 and 1.5 of Annex XI
  • in the case that KFT Chemieservice should act as „Only Representative“, also an according signed contract with the instructing party must be on hand.

Basically there are 3 possibilities to pre-register at the at the European Chemical Agency, Helsinki – ECHA)

  • Direct maintenance or the pre-registration data on the ECHA-website
  • Acquisition of the pre-registration data in IUCLID 5.0 and forwarding of the IUCLID 5.0 pre-registration file to the ECHA website
  • Acquisition of the pre-registration data in Excel-sheet and conversation of the data into the according pre-registration format (XML), afterwards forwarding of the file to the ECHA website.

Cofermin Chemicals via KFT Chemieservice supports by default procedure 1 or 2. The pre-registration according procedure 3 is possible on project base; please ask for an according offer.